Friday, March 4, 2016

Week 24

Week 24

This week was pretty crazy in the MacLab. The new Hunters and Healers has been very helpful for people, but has caused some problems in some periods. I was hunted myself, but thanks to Megan Wilson I will not be getting a bad grade in this class. She helped me fix my blog and gave me some ideas about how I can make it better. I personally like the idea of the new Hunters and Healers, and it has helped people improve their blogs to the best of their potential. Near the end of this week I worked on another Polygonal art design. I decided to do a husky which I will post the complete design of next week on my home page. This week was pretty crazy in the beginning, but near the end it was pretty relaxing. Next week I hope there are more projects to be completed and I hope I will finish my polygonal art.

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