Monday, April 4, 2016

Week 27

Week in Review:
During this week, I gave the polygonal art another go. I used a method mentioned to me by Kyle Norris (MambaLegend). This method includes using Illustrator and creating paths to color each part of the original image. This method works a lot better and is a major improvement on the previous Photoshop method. Near the end of this week, I watched a few videos on Youtube about creating some interesting work on Photoshop. This work includes using different filters to make very cool wallpapers and images.

Week 27 Self Assessment:
I would give my self the "You gave it your all" grade on the rubric for this week. I was working everyday this week, learning new techniques and skills that will help me improve more from now into the future.

Self-Guided Learning:
I did not do much self guided learning this week. Near the week's end, I watched a few videos on Youtube about Photoshop tips and tricks.

Week 27 Reflection:
I did complete my goal that I set for this week. I ended up learning new skills and techniques on Youtube, and I revisited my polygonal art.

Week 28 Goal:
Next week, I really hope we receive more quests to do because there weren't that many that were appealing to me for this week. I also hope to learn even more skills and techniques for Photoshop.

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