Sunday, May 1, 2016

Week 31

Week in Review:
This week I mainly worked on the new "Pops Concert" Poster Quest. In this quest, we were asked to create a poster for Valhalla's Vocal Music Department. This poster is going to be used to advertise the Pops Concert, an award ceremony for music artists taking place at Shadow Mountain Church. When I wasn't working on this poster, I was working on finding more YouTube tips and tricks to enhance my overall Photoshop experience. The new channels I viewed this week on YouTube can be found here (Phlearn, Photoshop Tutorials, and Shadow Tutorials). Overall, this week consisted of a fun quest, and I also learned a lot more from YouTube.

Week 31 Self Assessment:
This week I worked a lot on the Pops Concert Poster. I followed every step that was required and I am in the process of thoroughly enhancing my final product for the Poster. I think I should deserve the "You gave it your all" grade on our class rubric.

Self-Guided Learning:
This week I worked a lot on YouTube, finding new tips and tricks that will help me out on future projects. The channels I viewed during my time on YouTube can be found here (PhlearnPhotoshop Tutorials, and Shadow Tutorials).

Week 31 Goal Reflection:
The goal I set for myself for this week was for me to learn more about Photoshop and start watching more tutorials on I did complete my goal and I am planning on watching more in the following weeks to come.

Week 32 Goal:
The goal I would like to complete next week would be to find out about Enhancing photography and logo creation. These topics interest me and I would like to find out more during this upcoming week.

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