Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Week 33

Week in Review:

During this week, I started to poke around into Photo Manipulation. This is a very fun subject for me as you get to create your own photo using others (Compositing). I have just recently started on this project and I hope for it to be done by next week. A really great channel to follow that revolves around photo manipulation would be Arun Kumar on Youtube. His channel is very interesting and he has many photo manipulation projects.

Week 33 Self Assessment:
This week I worked hard on my photo manipulation project and I am also about to start working on a project using the 3d editor in Photoshop. I would give myself the "You gave it your all" (A) grade on our class rubric.

Self-Guided Learning:
All of my self guided learning from this week came from Youtube. I watched many different channels that had photo manipulation, but so far the most interesting to me has been Arun Kumar.

Week 33 Goal Reflection:
During this week, I did complete my goal of using the 3d editor in photoshop. The project above shows my latest work in the 3d editor. The 3d editor is very fun to use and there are many possibilities that come with it.

Week 34 Goal:
My goal for next week is to start moving away towards Youtube and to start creating some of my own projects using my skills and techniques. I would also like to start moving into more photo manipulation projects.

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