Sunday, May 22, 2016

Week 34

Week in Review:
This week, Mr. Skocko was out for meeting and other things that he was involved in to make things better for the students of Valhalla. We had a sub for 4 days this week, Thursday - Friday. We also had 2 guest speakers that were from different art colleges (Platt College and Academy of Arts University)around California.  These art colleges were mainly revolved around graphic design and digital artwork production. These colleges were pretty interesting to me, and the presentations definitely make me think about possible colleges I could attend in the future. For me, I would really like to attend a college that has a graphic design class or video game development classes. Besides the guest speakers and presentations, I started doing some photo manipulation as seen above. This is very fun for me and involves a lot of work and time to get the result you want.

Week 34 Self-Assessment:
This week I worked a lot on my projects and I listened and payed attention to everything the guest speakers were saying in their presentations. I think that I deserve the "You gave it your all" grade (A) on our class rubric.

Self-Guided Learning:
This week I started to move away from Youtube tutorials and started to move towards photo manipulation. I worked all week and I am starting to really like the results of my project.

Week 34 Goal Reflection:
I did achieve my goal of moving away from Youtube tutorials to try out some of my own projects. I am really enjoying photo manipulation and I really hope to do more of it in the future.

Week 35 Goal:
Next week I hope to start another photo manipulation project and maybe even start doing even more advanced projects.

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