Friday, March 11, 2016

Week 25

Week Review
This week was a pretty entertaining week. My week was mainly focused around a video called Kunstbar, which basically means Artbar. We had a quest that followed this video called Art History Scavenger Hunt. This quest required us to identify famous works of art hidden in the video. This was a pretty fun and challenging quest and I really hope we get to experience more like it. This quest would of been much harder if I did not collaborate with my friend Kyle Norris (MambaLegend) and Connor Witherspoon (Spooner). They gave me help on finding the pieces of art and I also shared what I found with them. You can visit the page where I put all of my findings from the video here.

Self Assessment
This week I worked pretty hard on finding the pieces of art in the Kunstbar video. I honestly think I should receive the "You Gave It Your All" on our class rubric. I followed all instruction in the videos and quests and had a nice, calm, and hard working week in the MacLab.

Self Guided Learning
This week I was really focused on the Kunstbar video and didn't really put in the time to do any self guided work. Next week I will probably watch more videos on and will learn new techniques and skills.

Week 25 Goal Reflection
The goal I set for myself this week was to finish the polygonal art I was working on. I did complete my goal, but was not really satisfied with my results.

Week 26 Goal 
My goal for next week is to continue to learn on and find some new interesting videos. I hope to work more with Illustrator next week and take another shot at my polygonal art.

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