Monday, April 4, 2016

Week 27

Week in Review:
During this week, I gave the polygonal art another go. I used a method mentioned to me by Kyle Norris (MambaLegend). This method includes using Illustrator and creating paths to color each part of the original image. This method works a lot better and is a major improvement on the previous Photoshop method. Near the end of this week, I watched a few videos on Youtube about creating some interesting work on Photoshop. This work includes using different filters to make very cool wallpapers and images.

Week 27 Self Assessment:
I would give my self the "You gave it your all" grade on the rubric for this week. I was working everyday this week, learning new techniques and skills that will help me improve more from now into the future.

Self-Guided Learning:
I did not do much self guided learning this week. Near the week's end, I watched a few videos on Youtube about Photoshop tips and tricks.

Week 27 Reflection:
I did complete my goal that I set for this week. I ended up learning new skills and techniques on Youtube, and I revisited my polygonal art.

Week 28 Goal:
Next week, I really hope we receive more quests to do because there weren't that many that were appealing to me for this week. I also hope to learn even more skills and techniques for Photoshop.

Week 26

Week In Review:
For me this week was mainly focused around finishing the Kunstbar Video art list I have on my blog and revisiting the polygonal art I was working on last week. I am now completely done with it and I think it looks pretty good. This polygonal husky was a lot more fun and a lot simpler than the polygonal bird I did before. I used a different method than the previous gradient method I used. This method uses only Photoshop and its "Average" feature. This feature basically takes the colors from below the triangle and fills it. I think that this feature keeps the basic colors and makes it much simpler, but also makes it look a lot better. I will probably find more things to use for polygonal art and I will try to make another one by next week. Another thing I did for some time this week was look at some Motion Graphics on This website is full of interesting creations that people have made using Adobe's products and that have been submitted for us to see. I highly recommend watching Amazing Paper War under the Frame by Frame Section as this is one the most interesting and entertaining videos I have seen on that site.

Week 26 Self Assessment:
This week was pretty calm for me. I mainly just worked on my polygonal art and the Kunstbar Video. I honestly think I earned the "You gave it your all" grade on the rubric. 

Self Guided Learning:
I did no self-guided learning during this past week.

Week 27 Goal:
Next week I really hope to learn more about Photoshop and how to make some really interesting projects. I may give the polygonal art another try, but this time using a different method shown to me by Kyle Norris (MambaLegend). 

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