Sunday, April 17, 2016

Week 28

Week in Review:
This week I worked on the Antigone Poster Quest. This quest is very difficult because there is not a wide selection of backgrounds for this poster. I could not find a background so I resorted to making my own. The picture above is a work in progress of this poster. When I was not working on Antigone, I was working on YouTube tutorials. I figured out new skills that will help me create future projects. Overall, this week was pretty productive and I learned how to make better projects on Photoshop.

Week 28 Self-Assessment:
This week I worked pretty hard on the Antigone poster and Photoshop tutorials and I think I should receive the "You gave it your all" rubric grade.

Self-Guided Learning:
I worked a lot on Youtube, watching Photoshop tutorials and learning new things about future projects. YouTube was a great tutorial website and I learned a lot from it.

Week 28 Goal Reflection:
My goal for this week was to learn about Photoshop and Illustrator through YouTube tutorials. I completed this goal and I hope to learn more from YouTube.

Week 29 Goal:
In Week 29 I hope to accomplish learning about Photoshop and Illustrator on YouTube or

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