Thursday, April 28, 2016

Week 30

Week in Review:
This week I mainly worked on the Orange 380 quest. This quest was mainly about listing the names of the people who had a score of 380 or higher on the SAT Test. Once I finished that quest and poster I mainly started working on YouTube tutorials. These tutorials were revolved around Photoshop. The channels that I watched are found here (Spoon GraphicsPixovertBlue Lighting TV). This week was pretty interesting and I found many enjoyable projects.

Week 30 Self-Assessment:
This week I would rate myself on the rubric "You gave it your all." I worked throughout the week on the projects required to be completed. I completed the work required and I worked a lot during the week.

Self-Guided Learning:
I mainly watched YouTube tutorials on these channels (Spoon GraphicsPixovertBlue Lighting TV). The tutorials were focused on Photoshop and taught me some interesting Photoshop skills and techniques. 

Week 30 Goal Reflection:
This week I did achieve my last week's goal. I learned many new skills and techniques. YouTube is a great source for learning Photoshop and it gave me access to new Photoshop skills.

Week 31 Goal:
For Week 31, I hope to find out more about Photoshop and learn more about projects I can do in Photoshop.

Week 29

Week in Review:
This week was a very productive week for me. I mainly watched more YouTube tutorials and videos involving Photoshop. I have learned a lot of new skills and techniques that helped me figure out more about Photoshop. A lot of the projects that I completed involved many steps and very often resulted looking very good and professional. One day I hope to purchase Photoshop and continue modifying images in the best way I can.

Week 29 Self-Assessment:
This week I worked very hard learning all of the new techniques I learned in Photoshop. I would definitely say that I received the "You gave it your all" rank on our class rubric. This week was very productive and very informative and I learned a lot from it.

Self-Guided Learning:
All of the self guided learning I did this week came from YouTube. I am subscribed to more than 5 channels that are just specifically about Photoshop tips and tricks. I will have each channel I am subscribed to linked here: (Spoon GraphicsPixovertBlue Lighting TV). These pages include very interesting Photoshop tutorials that will enhance your overall experience with Photoshop.

Week 29 Goal Reflection:
The goal I set for myself last week was to increase my overall knowledge of Photoshop. I definitely reached my goal by continuing watching videos on YouTube,

Week 30 Goal:
For next week's goal, I hope to know almost everything you can do with Photoshop and try some of these things myself. I really want to get good with Photoshop because I really enjoy photo editing and creation.
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